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Terms & Conditions

By using Live Casinos Greek’s programming, and provided you (the “Customer”) are 18 years of age or older, you will be deemed to have indicated that you agree to enter into the accompanying agreement with Live Casinos Greek and acknowledge its terms and conditions, which have been acknowledged by Live Casinos Greek. Please read the agreement carefully and consult the legal guidance in your jurisdiction in case you have any questions about your privileges and obligations; be sure to save a copy for your records.

Purpose of the Agreement

The motive behind this Agreement is to verify the legal connection between Live Casinos Greek and the User once the User obtains the Live Casinos Greek programming from The website thus grants the User an individual, non-selective, non-customizable sub-license to use the product to play at the gaming club.

Declaration by the user

The User represents and warrants that:

  • All User information contained in the Registration Form submitted to Live Casinos Greek is valid and correct.
  • The User will use the product application to bet on the Internet for his/her own private individual use and not for any business use or use by others.
  • Commercial use of Live Casinos Greek is carefully excluded.
  • For the most awesome aspect of its insight, the user does not negate any laws of his home ward by applying the product to bet on the Internet.
  • The User fully understands the techniques, rules and systems of Internet betting through the use of the product.
  • The User is fully aware that there is a risk of losing cash when betting on the Internet through the use of the Product.
  • The player acknowledges all game results as received in the client application from the Live Casinos Greek game worker. The player fully acknowledges and agrees that the product’s irregular number generator will decide the outcome of the games.
  • The source of the backers used by the User for betting on the Internet through the use of the product is not illegal.

Statements by Live Casinos Greek

Live Casinos Greek represents and warrants that:

  • Live Casinos Greek’s virtual club betting activity is clearly geared towards customers who by the laws of their country are not prohibited from betting on the Internet through the use of the product. Live Casinos Greek provides no expectation to authorize a user to apply the product for betting on the Internet in violation of any law in the user’s territory.
  • Using the latest private/public key encryption, Live Casinos Greek has made every reasonable effort to guarantee that all passwords and customer names used by the User are completely secure from third party access while moving over the Internet.

Rules and guidelines

The User’s use of the product will only be in accordance with the principles and instructions of Live Casinos Greek and will be administered in accordance with them, as stated in the product or possibly on the Live Casinos Greek website on the Internet, including, without limitation, the betting strategies, game rules, payment methods and reward arrangements.

The Gaming Club reserves any authority it needs to close any file on which there is no action within 180 days. Failure to place a bet, pay a deposit or withdrawal, or access the file within this period shall be deemed to be specific examples, but not limited to, the inactivation of the file and thereafter any balance shall be waived.

Telecommunications service provider

Live Casinos Greek will not be, in any capacity, responsible for any showings or blockings made by the User’s Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) with whom the User has contracted to access Live Casinos Greek (c), and Live Casinos Greek will not become involved in any matter between the User and the ISP, nor will any such discussion have any effect on the User’s obligations under this Agreement.

The Customer shall endeavour to take into account any appropriate intellectual property rights or potential stock identified with the Live Casinos Greek (c) activity and the product and to exercise all necessary caution in the use of the encryption key and other security efforts.

Customer abuse

If Live Casinos Greek accepts that a user is manipulating or attempting to manipulate a reward or other advance or is likely to benefit from abuse or lack of sincere trust from a gaming strategy adopted by Live Casinos Greek , then Live Casinos Greek may, with absolute discretion, refuse, withhold or withdraw from a user any reward or other advance or cancel any approach in relation to that user, either for a short period or forever.

Double accounts

Your registration must be registered in your legal name.Only one registration per customer is allowed and any other registrations opened with the same individual data will be considered as “duplicate accounts”. Duplicate accounts will be closed by us immediately and all exchanges made on the duplicate account will be reduced. Any rewards or rewards that you have earned or accumulated during the time that the Duplicate Account has been dynamic will be waived.

Registrations made under different names, but from a similar family, computer or using the same data, such as phone number or email address, will also be considered “Duplicate Accounts”. In any case, any restrictions may be removed when we have received confirmation that there is more than one exceptional person in the family, giving each person (account holder) copies of a photo ID and utility bill.


The Customer may terminate this Agreement by notifying Live Casinos Greek on paper at any time if the User does not owe cash to Live Casinos Greek under any circumstances.

Live Casinos Greek reserves any power it needs to terminate the User’s registration, at any time and under any circumstances, in its sole discretion, and in particular if there is an occurrence of any movement that may harm Live Casinos Greek or possibly its individuals, including but not limited to extortion, misuse of rewards and differential promotions, petty and unverifiable cases and abuse of the gaming club product.

Upon completion of the above steps by the User or Live Casinos Greek, Live Casinos Greek will rebate to the User any assets that may be present in the User’s file, over and above any amount that may be returned to Live Casinos Greek (if any). Notwithstanding this, the rebate will not exceed the base deposit made by the User.

Termination by the User or Live Casinos Greek , as aforesaid, will be without prejudice to the recovery by one or the other party of any amount legally due from the other party for compliance with this Agreement.

Appropriate law/jurisdiction

This Agreement, its translation and execution, as well as the connection between the mergers, will be administered and interpreted in accordance with the laws.

Any case or controversy arising either directly or indirectly out of this Agreement shall be brought under the supervision of the competent court of the nation of Panama, which court shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Live Casinos Greek reserves the privilege of instituting any legal proceedings against the user under the watchful eye of the competent court in the user’s jurisdiction or elsewhere.


Live Casinos Greek claims all authority to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time as it deems appropriate. Customers are encouraged to check these Terms and Conditions not exactly once every month on the Live Casinos Greek website to find out what revisions, if any, have been made.

THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE CONSIDERED ACCEPTED AND SIGNED BY Live Casinos Greek and the USER as set forth in the introductory paragraph above under the heading “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”, as of the date on which the SOFTWARE HAS BEEN INSTALLED BY THE USER.

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