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Bingos: best casinos

Play live Bingo at online casinos and enjoy a classic gaming experience with a modern twist. In live Bingo, players participate in real-time as a live artist announces the numbers. It’s a game full of excitement and fun, suitable for all players looking for a sense of community and instant action.

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Main Types of Bingo Games Available

The worldwide favourite is Bingo 90 Ball. According to statistics, this is the most popular bingo game you can find. As the name suggests, the 90 Ball version has a total of 90 numbers. The numbers are arranged in 9 columns and 3 rows (five numbers in each). Each card carries a total of 15 numbers. Definitely one of the most fun bingo games available!

Each game of Bingo 90 Ball has three phases. The first phase is completed after a lucky player completes a horizontal row. In the second phase of the game, two horizontal rows are completed. The grand prize of 90 Ball Bingo is awarded to the player who hits every number on their bingo card. As in any other bingo game, this result is called a Full House.

Players in the USA and Canada are quite familiar with 75 Ball Bingo. A typical bingo card in this bingo variant has 25 squares structured in 5 rows. Each of these rows stores five numbers. Your bingo card has a free center square. Sometimes the square is indicated with a star at the beginning of the bingo session.

See how the letters correspond to the bingo numbers:

  1. B – Five numbers between 1 and 15
  2. I – Five numbers between 16 and 30
  3. N – Four numbers between 31 and 45
  4. G – Five numbers between 45 and 60
  5. Ο – Five numbers between 61 and 75

80 Ball Bingo belongs to the types of bingo games that have been created for online players. The virtual ticket has 16 squares with four rows and four columns. Since each square is filled with a number, you will always have 16 numbers on your ticket. A bingo lane in this game consists of five tickets. Each time you have a full strip in front of you, it will have a total of eighty numbers.

Now let’s take a look at the types of games you can win at 80 Ball Bingo:

  • Any single line: If you are the first person to hit the numbers on any single line, you will be one of the winners of the bingo session. The numbers can be patterns of horizontal, vertical or even diagonal lines. The same winning principle applies to the four middle squares or corners.
  • Any line, columns, house: The first player to hit all numbers in two rows vertically (2 columns) is another winner. The same applies to three vertical lines (as in three columns). The third prize in this category is won by the player who gets all 16 numbers on their ticket.
  • Any line & home: To be an ace in this category, you must mark all 16 numbers on one of your tickets. This is in addition to the prize you already have on a line.
  • Full house, patterns: Full House (also known as coverall) is the main way you can get this award. There is only one award in this category available. However, the specific version you are playing may specify that there is a specific pattern instead of full house. Understand the rules beforehand.

Special Versions of Bingo Online

The online universe of different types of bingo games hosts many alternatives to the familiar game types. If you feel that regular bingo is not enough for you anymore, you can choose one of the special versions of this popular game. From fast bingo to scratch cards bingo, you have many exclusive versions of the classic bingo game to choose from.

One of the leading contenders for the glory of the alternative bingo game is 30 Ball Bingo. Compared to the traditional 90 Ball and 75 Ball versions, this is an extremely fast-paced game. The turbo variant of bingo allows you to quickly complete a session. This is an ideal live bingo game for anyone who wants to complete a bingo ticket while on the go. Completing a quick game of bingo while waiting for the bus is manageable with this alternative version.

30 Ball Bingo is simple. The ticket has only 9 squares covering numbers ranging from 1-30. The basic rules of the bingo game and the few numbers make fast bingo a great alternative for players who want to bet on multiple cards. The compact nature of bingo tickets allows you to play more individual bingo sessions within the same time frame. Most bingo fans find this a nice option to shake things up a bit.

Thematic bingo casino games have the same underlying principle. It’s either 90, 80, 75, or 30 balls in the game. The difference comes in the animations, soundtrack, fonts, sounds, and other design elements. For example, you may play a special spooky version of bingo that is ultimately still the same old 90 Ball bingo that you are so used to.

Bingo scratchcards are basically online scratch lotteries that have a bingo theme. In this sense, you aren’t playing a bingo game but a scratchcard instead. The same goes for bingo slots. If a game from an entirely different category has taken inspiration from bingo, it doesn’t make it a bingo game. Similarly, a bingo title that fashions itself after well-known slots, it’s definitely not a virtual slots machine.

Quick Bingo strategy overview to maximise your playing time

  • Here are realistic expectations: The first strategic priority is to have realistic expectations of what you can get out of a bingo tactic. All bingo games are based on luck, making it impossible for a player to fool them. However, considering bingo strategies as fun entertainment to make things more interesting is the healthy way to go. Otherwise, you could easily find that the tactics will not yield the results you are looking for in the long run. This is exactly the way in which you should play the game of bingo.
  • Understand the odds: The odds of the bingo game depend on the specific version you are playing. The odds of getting a winning combination in Bingo 30 Ball compared to Bingo 90 Ball are not going to be that different in bingo games in most cases. The layout of the bingo cards reflects the smaller number of balls in the game.
  • Consider the Progressive Games: Bingo games with progressive jackpots are going to offer amazing top prizes compared to the regular version. These jackpots keep increasing until one lucky winner gets the big payout. The difference between progressive jackpots and regular bingo prizes can be a hundredfold.
  • Focus on the cards in the game: The number of cards in play is going to affect the outcome of your game. If you have to split the prize with several winners, your financial result will depend on how the cards are dealt.
  • Experiment with the Granville Strategy: Joseph E Granville was a smart guy who noticed several patterns in bingo. These patterns are not going to help you get better results. This is not only because of the patterns that you won’t get any better results, but also because you can use them in order to get a better feel for the game itself. The idea is simple. Pick high and low digits along with odd and even numbers. Also, try the same amount of numbers that end in digits from 1 to 9.
  • Have fun: This is the basic “strategy”. Even if you try to make aces in different patterns, bingo is not fully manageable this way. Having plenty of fun should be the main motivation here. Winning some nice bingo prizes along the way is a great bonus.

History of Bingo

The history of bingo is long enough to provide fascinating insights into the origins of a popular lottery game. The consensus is that this game began in 1530. The Italians created a lottery Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. As with many things in Italy, the tradition continues. Nowadays people are still crazy about the wonderful game of bingo.

France adopted this game in the late 18th century. The French called bingo “Le Lotto”. It was played mainly by their rich countrymen. They couldn’t say no to a nice lottery session that promised nice payouts for the lucky ones. From there, bingo spread throughout Western Europe, eventually making its debut on the other side of the Atlantic. That’s when things got really interesting, as the US was always spinning European versions of the game in a whole new way. They changed the patterns of the bingo game a bit.

Did you know that bingo was originally called beano in the USA? Over time, people got rid of the strange name that resembled a legume, making things more recognizable to European audiences. Bingo was played in many places, from recreational use in nursing homes to actual casinos in Nevada. Even Native American gambling spots got a hunch that offering bingo could be profitable. Widespread adoption of this lottery was going to happen no matter what.

Then came the online casinos with their modernised approach to this popular lottery. Now you have more than the usual bingo games. RNG-based games changed the dynamics of bingo forever. Fast payouts are not affected by the number of people playing at the same time. Then you can still get the top jackpot without fear of losing a portion of it to players with the same luck. This is the top choice if you are looking for a bingo like casino game.

How do I start playing Live Bingo?
Which versions of Bingo are available?
How are deposits and withdrawals made?
Can I play Live Bingo from my mobile phone?
Is Live Bingo online fair?
How can I contact the support team?

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150% UP TO 300 € + 50 FREE SPINS